• Sunday SERVICE, April 15th - cancelled

    Our Sunday service is CANCELLED for tomorrow, April 15th - due to the freezing rain coming our way. If you think of any church friends who may not see this post today, please text them the news so they don’t attempt to drive in to church tomorrow. This is the first time in our church history that we've had to cancel a Sunday service but we think it’s the right call this time. We want everyone to stay safe. If you don’t want to wait until next week to give, feel free to give online 😃🙏
    #staysafe #seeyounextSunday#whereisspringanyway

  • New Teaching series

    Starting April 8th

    I Want To Believe, But…

    Have you ever wondered “Why, God?”.  It can be difficult to believe in a God we cannot see.  We wonder why God didn’t answer our prayers, why God allows suffering, or why we can’t feel His presence. God may not meet all your human expectations—but that’s good news! Find out why in our next series: “I Want to Believe, But...”.  In this 4-week series, we'll discuss 4 different versions of “God” which don’t exist—you will feel relief as you realize how important it is to remember WHO God truly is when asking Him WHY.  Real life questions with hope-filled answers – you won’t want to miss one week of this new teaching series with Pastor Alan!  See you there, bring a friend!

  • Chili Cook-off

    Sunday, February 25th

  • 10 year anniversary - Sunday February 4th

    Come join the party – this weekend at True North!

     It’s our 10 year anniversary – and you’re invited to come celebrate with us!  This Sunday, February 3rd, will be a special look back at some of the milestones God helped us reach over the last decade.  Pastors Alan will also be sharing the vision for the exciting road ahead.

    Don’t miss this special anniversary party + Vision Sunday, this weekend – service begins at 10:00am.  Invite a friend.  Treats will be served in the lobby after service.

  • Prayer & Worship Night

    First Tuesday of every month

    Come join us as we gather together for a time of prayer and worship on the first Tuesday  of every month from 7:30 - 8:30PM.