We'RE Back in the building!

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  • Re-opening with Reduced Capacity

    • We have been gradually re-opening the church building since Sunday, June 14th by training our staff and volunteers each weekend to adapt to the recent health and safety guidelines from the Ontario government.  We have done our best to plan for a safe re-opening so we can begin to gather again.
    • As a place of worship, our capacity is now limited to 30%, requiring us to ask all attendees to pre-register before attending.  It’s the only way for us to avoid turning people away at the door.
    • We know the seat reservations will go fast so we are committed to keeping essential volunteers at a minimum so more attendees can join the live service in the auditorium.
    • Plans for adding a 2nd Sunday service, at an earlier time slot, is in the works but will not be announced until we know there is interest from the congregation, with regards to both attendance and staffing it with volunteers.

    If you are not feeling well, have a temperature, or have travelled or been in contact with someone who is ill, do not attend the service and watch the livestream only.


    For a list of COVID-19 symptoms for self-screening, please click here.

    For the current Ontario COVID-19 self-assessment, please click here.

  • health & safety Guidelines...

    • We are asking all attendees to follow the current protocols set by the Ontario government for a worship space.  We also ask that you take all additional precautions necessary to protect yourself and your family.  We do not take any responsibility for any illness that you may get while attending.
    • If you have any concerns or feel uncomfortable, please plan to watch the livestream services until you feel it is safe to return.
    • We especially recommend extra caution for those who are over age 70 and those who are immuno-compromised (watching our livestreams from home may be a better option for now).
    • There will be no children’s program available.  Children over the age of four are permitted to attend but will need to stay seated with their parents in the auditorium.  Feel free to bring headphones for a phone or tablet for them, if needed.
    • At this time, we are asking for parents with children under the age of four to not attend until we can safely reintroduce the children’s program.
    • MASKS ARE NOW REQUIRED for attendees (per recent bylaws passed in Halton region).  Please wear a mask into the church building, when attending and keep it on until you exit after dismissal.  If you do not have a mask when you arrive, one can be provided by our Greeter at the door.
    • All of our volunteers staff will be wearing masks while serving and interacting with attendees.
    • Before and after each service, we clean and disinfect frequently touched items and common surfaces on a regular basis.

    For all who register and attend, we ask that you be kind and gracious towards your church family.  Treat each other, as well as their views and concerns regarding the virus, with benevolence and Christian love.  We are all in this together and want to get through this pandemic season as soon and safely as possible – with our church unity intact.

    We also ask that you be kind and gracious towards the pastors and volunteer staff who have been working hard to make this a safe re-opening while managing the current capacity restriction challenges.

  • What To Expect When You attend...

    • Once you arrive at the building, a friendly lobby greeter will ask you some screening questions, ask you to sanitize your hands, and remind you to practice physical distancing (2 metres).
    • If you did not bring your own mask, simply ask for a mask from the lobby greeter.
    • Once you proceed to the auditorium, an usher will assist you with finding available seats.  Some rows are taped off to allow for physical distancing.  Families will be seated together.
    • Once the service is over, you will exit through the lobby to the outside, where you can fellowship in front of the building, if you desire to.  We cannot congregate in our lobby yet, under the current restrictions.
  • how TO RSVP for a sunday service...

    • Sunday service begins at 10:00am.  Once you have successfully registered for seats, its best to arrive about 10 minutes early so you can get settled in your seat before our livestream begins.
    • Each Sunday, we will make the maximum amount of seats available that we can.  We must maintain a minimal amount of staff and volunteers each Sunday which will account for some reserved seats.
    • The registration process will clearly and quickly inform you if there are seats left for the Sunday service.
    • The registration process lets you reserve exactly the number of seats you need for you and your family.
    • Once the number of reservations matches our seating capacity, there will be no more seats available for that service.
    • If you are not able to reserve seats for a service, we apologize but please continue to watch the service online through our livestreams on either YouTube or Facebook Live.
    • When the Ontario government relaxes the capacity limits, we will immediately readjust the seats and announce it accordingly.
    • Registration for each upcoming Sunday will open up on the preceding Monday, no later than 10:00am.